At RBC, our Fun Walls are trendily themed with state of the art designs, for unique climbing experience for all young (age 4 years and above) and young at hearts.
Grab the opportunity to climb all the way up to our RBC Twin Towers, or be a brave Wanderer that goes heads on with the gigantic snake for the hidden treasure, or hit for the goalpost with a good shot, or get a nice grasp of nature.
All moments of fun can be captured with a good shot! 

The great honor of RBC, as it’s the first indoor Speed Climbing Wall in Malaysia and South East Asia which measured 15 meters in height. Speed Climbing is essentially a race against the time, where climbers will be racing up the 15 meters straight wall, to out beat each other to reach the timer. It is indeed an extraordinary challenge and fun experience for climbers to feel what it’s like to “fly up” the wall with live spectators.

For low height lovers, no worry, you will not miss out from the fun! At RBC, our bouldering / traversing wall would be a great choice of fun. It is low height climbing that keep you closer to the ground and without harness, rope, helmet or other gear. Because the landing area is well cushioned for total safety and secured landing. A must try for all climbers!

Jumping Jackers? Slam dunk fads? It’s all here in RBC, let’s jump, bounce and dunk. Come try out some basic tricks, slam dunk in our basketball lanes, or kick back and relax while the little ones show you how it’s done.