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AMCC State Level : Nationwide Costal Cleanup

In conjunction with 43rd Earth Day on 21 April 2013, AEON again organized its ‚ÄúPantai Ku Indah‚ÄĚ coastal clean-up project at 8 selected coasts, namely Pantai Jerejak in Pulau Pinang, Pantai Kampung Baharu in Perak, Pantai Remis, Pantai Morib and Pantai Bagan Lalang in Selangor, Pantai Cahaya Negeri in Negeri Sembilan, Pantai Padang Kemunting in Melaka and Pantai Tanjung Balau in Johor. A total of 800 people comprising volunteers from AEON Malaysia Cheers Club, suppliers and staff were involved and they collected in total over 1,757 kg of discarded waste along the beaches. This annual event of AEON aims at instilling awareness in AEON Malaysia Cheers Club members regarding the importance of preserving nature for future.