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Saving River, One At The Time

AEON Cares and this time, they are off to save the rivers in Penang. With 100 participants, they chipped in to make 100 Effective Microorganism (E.M) mud balls to help clean up Sungai Juru. The E.M mud balls are made of E.M liquid, rice husks and clay soil and all the volunteers, young and old, helped in producing them. These mud balls are an environmentally friendly way to reduce water pollutants as the fermentation emitted from the mud balls will alleviate or destroy ammonia nitrogen found in sewerage leakages. These mud balls were thrown into the river from the Sungai Juru riverbank and Sungai Rambai in Bukit Mertajam. Also at this event were the AEON (M) Cheers Club members from Penang.