Wellbeing Services


  • Blood Pressure Check

    Checking your blood pressure regularly is an essential step in understanding how healthy your heart are.

  • Blood Glucose Checks

    Almost half of Malaysian with diabetes is unaware that they have diabetes.

  • Cholesterol Checks

    It takes less than 10 minutes, so get a Cholesterol Check at your nearest Aeon Wellness Pharmacy today.

  • Health Checks

    At Aeon Wellness, you can do just that by doing a quick & comprehensive Health Check.

  • Smoking Cessation

    You will be astounded to know that the health benefits starts almost immediately.

  • Uric Acid Test

    High uric acid level refers to the condition of high concentration of uric acid in blood.


  • Skin Analysis Test

    Come experience the skin analysis test with our team of qualified Beauty Advisors.

  • Makeup Advice

    Our Beauty Advisors can show you how to create the looks that you want be it for day or night.

  • Beauty Gifts Wrapping

    Aeon Wellness provides wrapping services with no extra charge.